Book Report and Book Reivews

Excellent Book Reports

A book report is essentially the summary of a book and a reaction to it. While writing a book report, the job is to extract the main ideas of the book and give it an analysis. The basic idea of the book that the author wants to convey should be clear and also you should provide your own analysis/reaction to the author’s idea. A book report is also a representation of facts including the name of the author, title, place and the publication year. These details are important so that the reader of the book report gets an instant indication as to which book is this book report referring to.

The various steps involved in writing a book report are as follows:

  • Choosing a book – Choosing a book may not be a difficult task. Most of the times the school teacher suggests a book to the students. If not, then you may choose any book of your favorite It may be a work of fiction, nonfiction, arts, history, literature etc.
  • Reading the book – Some people have the habit of reading or they take reading as one of their hobbies. Reading books might be a pleasurable affair for some but that is not the case with every individual. For some, reading a book might be just another pain in the neck. Reading is also a time-consuming task and time has become the most scarce resource for everyone in today’s world, especially for students who are bombarded with assignments from their teachers.
  • Creating an outline of the report – Creating an outline refers to the task of writing down the basic elements in an outline format. An outline helps you organize your thoughts before putting them in the actual report. 
  • Book Report and Book Reviews include:
  • Drafting – Drafting is essentially the fleshing of ideas from the outline of the report. This part of the book report is just an intermediate step of the writing procedure and is not read by the end reader. As this part of the book report is not read by anyone else except the writer of the report, there is no need to devote much time on the neatness of the draft.
  • Final Report – After following the steps mentioned above, you should be ready to write the final report. The final book report must be thoroughly checked for any grammatical errors as well as for spellings.
  • With the increasing burden on students to complete various assignments in a short time, many students do not get sufficient time to complete all the given projects. If you are like most of the students then time is a major constraint for you.

Writing a book report can be a tedious task, especially for students who do not have the time to read the entire book.

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