Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and Contrast Essay 

Compare and Contrast essay comprises an essential part of the academic career of a student. In this form of essay, knowledge of facts and sources of information are required. A compare essay allows you to emphasize the similarities between two things like novels, essays, or articles. A contrast essay figures out the main differences between the two things.

To write a comparing/contrasting essay, selection of a suitable topic plays the key role. To avoid difficulties, you should try to choose two similar types of topics. A compare and contrast essay for two different models of a car manufacturing company is a nice idea. To write a similar comparing and contrasting essay for a bike and a car is not that much desirable thought.

The ideas put forward in a compare/contrast essay should be based on logical and critical analysis of both aspects. It should include all the meaningful, positive and negative points of both the parts of your topic. Avoid writing false and irrelevant points.

There are two ways of writing a comparing/contrasting essay:

Block Arrangement: A four-paragraph essay starting from introducing the purpose of writing. All the compare and contrast points of the first part of the topic are written in the second paragraph. In the third paragraph, the compare and contrast points of the second part of the topic are written. In the end, the conclusion is written.

Alternating or Point-by-point Arrangement: It compares and contrasts both the aspects of your topics pointwise after the introduction is written in the first paragraph.

The example given below clarifies the two types of compare and contrast essay more elaborately.

BLOCK ARRANGEMENT (Four Paragraph Essay)

The first paragraph of a block arrangement essay is that of introduction. In the introductory paragraph, the purpose to write the compare and contrast essay is discussed. In our example, we are discussing the difference between the two models of Chevrolet Cars- Aveo and Optra.

In the second paragraph, all the aspects of one part of our topic are pointed out. Here we write all the important points that are equally important to buy a Chevrolet Aveo car. To proceed further, we discuss the mileage, fuel capacity and colour of the Aveo Model as the important and deciding factors for buying it.

In the third paragraph, all the discussions are carried out on the guidelines of the second paragraph. Here we discuss another model of Chevrolet car- Chevrolet Optra. The same points namely mileage, fuel capacity and colour of the Optra Model are written.

The last part of the block arrangement form of Compare and Contrast essay is the conclusion. This concluding paragraph compares the aspects of both cars. Depending on the suitability and preference, the most desired model is then selected of the two.


 This form of compare and contrast essay slightly differs from the block arrangement type. Once again citing the same example of Chevrolet car models, the first part is that of introduction. The introduction part discusses the differences between the Aveo and Optra models of Chevrolet car.

The second paragraph discusses the comparing and contrasting points of both the parts of our topic considered the first aspect. In our example, the second paragraph discusses the similarities and contrasting points of both the Chevrolet Models concerning mileage.

The third and fourth paragraphs are structured by the second paragraph. Here we write the other two aspects of both the car models one after another, in the third and fourth paragraphs, respectively. The third paragraph compares and contrasts the fuel capacity factor of both the cars, while the fourth paragraph emphasizes the colours of both the models.

The fifth and last paragraph of the alternating or point-by-point arrangement form of the compare/contrast essay is the conclusion part. It analyses all the aspects of both the parts of our chosen topic, Chevrolet Models, and comes out with a definite conclusion as per the suitability and preference. Feel free to contact us for any questions or further details.