Dissertation Format

Main Features of Dissertation Format

A dissertation is an important part of your academic career at postgraduate level. For writing your dissertation format, you need a lot of discussion and determination. It involves a lot of research work in a specified field. In any case, if you go off the track and start discovering things that are not relevant to your topic, it is a sheer wastage of time. Hence, while writing the dissertation paper, make sure to follow the points we have listed here.


The abstract of your dissertation/ thesis paper should be classified as per the following points:

  • Problem: What is the result of your research work, why do you believe that it is a genuine problem and needs a solution?
  • Objectives: What is your main goal, how is it related to your problem?
  • Methodology: How do you think you can come out with a feasible solution to your problem?
  • Achievements: What conclusions have you inferred through your dissertation format writing and to what extent has your conclusion been able to justify your main objective?


It is customary to admit that you have knowledge of plagiarism and that your entire dissertation is original and full of authenticity. Do take care to mention if you have used some excerpts from any of the research material with proper citation and reference.  


In this part, you can owe your regards to your family, your teachers or anyone else who has helped you in your dissertation writing. It is not a good idea to mention the name of any writer in case you took some professional help for your dissertation. You writer will take care of your acknowledgement paper himself. 

Table of Contents:

It makes your dissertation work more comfortable and easier to go through if you include all of your chapters in the Table of Contents. Many types of software are available for text editing and generating the Table of Contents automatically.

List of Figures:

If you have used some images or figures to support any of your ideas in the dissertation, it is advisable to enlist all those images. Doing this it will become easier to find them


The introduction is as always an important part of your dissertation/thesis paper. Extra care is needed to come out with a concentrated idea and formulate it in terms of a theme statement. It is better to consult your supervisor or some other subject matter for writing an adept introduction.

Body (or “technical chapters”):

Body of a well-written dissertation comprises of different chapters. To write your dissertation body in a more presentable manner, you must follow the general structure. If any of the chapters of your body is larger, you can take care to divide it into further smaller sections.

Literature review:

This review chapter is important even though it will showcase your awareness on the chosen topic.


To write a conclusion you need to take care of the following aspects:

    1. Summary: Recapitulate the entire dissertation work. Look if your conclusion supports your main objective.
    2. Evaluation. Ask any expert to evaluate your work concerning the main topic. Though you can do it yourself, still it is better to give your dissertation work an impartial evaluation.
    3. Future work. In the light of facts and pieces of evidence, try to figure out if there is something that still needs to be worked out in the future as an additional part of your dissertation. Try to write the shortcomings (if you feel) in your dissertation. 


Make a complete list of all the resources that you have used to perform the research work for the chosen topic. A ready reference to all the sources enables the reader to check out the authenticity of your dissertation paper.

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