How to Write a Research Paper

How to Write a Research Paper

College Research Papers

College Research papers, to much extent, resemble essays in their writing style but differ in size and content. To write a college research paper, you follow all the steps as in essay writing with some added steps.

It is more convenient and advisable to perform keen research on your assigned topic of a research paper. The viable sources of your research work could involve books, magazines, newspapers, journals and even interviews of the experts belonging to the concerned field. You can also Google out your college research topic, for better results. All the research work carried out should be relevant with respect to your assigned topic of a research paper.

You should take care of certain steps while writing a college research paper. These include:

Topic Selection.

Topic selection is an important factor in writing an efficient college research paper. Sometimes, you are assigned the topic from your college or university. In some academic institutes, you can select your own preferred topic for your research paper. In any case, you should ensure an in-depth knowledge about your concerned topic.

Relevant information gathering sources

Before coming out with a fine piece of a skilfully written research paper, you need to do some information gathering. This information should relate directly to your research paper writing topic. Make sure that your sources are reliable and authentic to bring credibility to your paperwork.

A keen study of sources.

The research paper needs a careful and thorough study of facts and evidence. Scan all your gathered study material to look out for the most genuine and knowledgeable information. Make a pointwise note of your studies to highlight all the important aspects related to your concerned topic. This draft will enable you to come out with a to-the-point and focussed research paper writing work.

Outlining central idea.

Start writing your research paper by outlining the central idea of your thesis or research work. It is the most important activity for writing your research paper. Its importance could be predicted by the fact that your entire research work is supposed to revolve around this central idea.

Write the theme statement.

While writing the central idea, you need to classify it by a theme statement involving pinpoint accuracy and high relevance with respect to your research topic. Each of the subsequent chapters of your research paper will relate to your theme statement. So be sure to think of the most plausible theme statement to avoid deviation from the main topic in the rest of your research paper.

Complete the initial draft

Complete your whole research work with utmost excellence and adroitness. If you are an ardent writer and have a passion for research paper writing, your job is half done. While writing a research paper, your writing should be most influenced by the facts, evidence and conclusions based on experimental observations. So even if you lack slightly in your writing skills, you need not be bothered as in the end it is the content and not the decorative writing style that counts.

Make footnotes and endnotes of sources

Make sure to prepare footnotes and endnotes of all the sources from where you have collected your research paper related information. This further helps the reader to confirm the authenticity of your written work and adds credibility quotient to the same

Maintain a bibliography.

Mention the names of all the books and the websites that you have consulted while writing your research paper.

Revision of initial draft.

It is good to revise your research paper repeatedly until you are not satisfied with your own work. Revision avoids any kind of grammatical, spelling or logical errors in your paper. This will help your examiner to concentrate more on the theme of your research paper without bothering about mistakes.

 Proofreading of the final copy of the research paper

As you complete the initial draft of your research paper, try to get it proofread by some expert of the concerned topic. Thorough proofreading by an expert ensures the quality of your research paper. He can also provide you with some valuable suggestions for a better research paper.

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