Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay

A reflective essay is generally a part of academic activity carried out by the college and university students after they complete their project or thesis. It reflects your understanding of a particular subject or a project that you have just completed. The reflective essay also enables you to impart your knowledge on the concerned subject among the readers. To be precise, the reflective essay is a flow of thoughts transformed into form of essay and reflects ideas based on your observations and experience on the concerned topic.   

Before you start writing a reflective essay, take care to go through all the study material you have gathered while studying the concerned subject. Try to trace back and analyze areas of expertise and problem domains of your research work. Your reflective essay needs to be self-explanatory. It is good to pen down your reflective essay in a decent and appraisable language. Always avoid writing your essay paper in abusive or offensive language. While writing your thoughts, make sure not to become too much personal to avoid making the reflective essay a victim of partiality and favouritism. Such kind of thoughts deviate your essay from the central theme and attract lesser readership. 

Along with your views on the said topic, try to base your reflective essay on the other reliable factors as well. A perfect reflective essay needs to be backed up by proven evidence, information charts, data based on statistical information, your knowledge on the issue and analytic observation of the topic under scrutiny.

Start writing the first draft.

To start with, give a short description of the specified subject with a central thematic idea that could tempt the reader to go through the entire essay.  Describe your own experiences on your project. Don’t forget to mention if the project had some optimistic or otherwise affect on your personality. Perform an honest evaluation of your work regarding to the topic under discussion. Try to figure out if you have really been able to achieve your specified target or lagged. To conclude, share your opinion if your project was a perfect one or it has some shortcomings which need to be rectified. 

Revise your first draft.

Once you are done with your reflective essay, try to revise entire work thoroughly. Mention all the references from where you have gathered your information. This adds to your credibility and lets your readers believe that your written work is inspired not only by your personal experiences but also by the facts and evidence.   

Let the readers get convinced by your ideas. In the end, if your reflective essay could help a novice to understand your subject to some extent, your job is well accomplished. So try to include each minute detail regarding your project in your reflective essay and ensure focused writing. There is no definite length to a reflective essay, though it could range from a minimum of three to a maximum of five pages. Make sure to discuss your essay writing with a subject expert for proofreading. Such a discussion helps in improving the quality of your reflective essay. It also adds authenticity quotient to your work which further aggravates readability of your essay.

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