Terms & Conditions

ThesisLand.com aims at providing an unfeigned, genuine piece of paper writing services to our esteemed customers. We excel when it comes to help you with your subject-specific academic writing assignments. Our writers are highly professional in their work and strive to give quality results. Our satisfaction lies in your bright academic career through our capable writing services. We intend to save your precious time for concentrating on other important academic activities and help you to secure higher grades.

We do not have any tie-ups with any academic institute or educational agency, neither we are associated with any writing service provider. ThesisLand.com is the only website we currently own and run successfully, any other website claiming to be a sister concern or a part of ThesisLand is absolutely fraudulent. 

We have databases of our own to store confidential information regarding customer details. For further information, it is good to go through our privacy policy section.

We at ThesisLand.com believe in maintaining the authenticity of our paper writing work in its entirety. It is only the result of in-depth research for your assignment that our writers are able to produce quality work. We strictly condemn plagiarism in our policy and term it as highly obnoxious act. This also encourages our experienced writers to write papers from the scratch rather than reworking on cheaply available written work.

To avoid any confusion whatsoever, we also execute plagiarism detection methods using our up-to-date plagiarism detection software. You can request us for repeated revisions of your work within starting twenty days from the date of uploading your paper. We ensure due commitment and dedication in our work for all the services you ask for. Even then if you are not fully satisfied or find any trace of plagiarism in our work, we promise you a complete refund of your money.

To enable us work towards your maximum benefit, you are supposed to provide us detailed information about your assignment requirements. You should choose our urgency level services only after complete analysis of your work requirements. If you chose an inappropriate academic level and unfortunately the assignment fails to impress your examiners, we cannot be held responsible for that. We would also like you to agree on our condition of “no money back guaranty” if you fail to make any claim against revision or plagiarism in the first 20 days. However you can claim for fractional money refund or monetary adjustments in the subsequent orders if we are unable to accomplish your assignment within the instructed deadline.

You are entitled for a complete money refund if you find us accused of any of the below lapses:

  • Assignments went undelivered.
  • Inability to employ your preferred writer for your written work. (Prior to the completion and uploading of paper)
  • Inability to find any writer at all for you paper work.( (Prior to the completion and uploading of paper)

For rest of all the other claims you can ask for partial refund only if we find them to be genuine on your part. However we have provided options in our placement order form to enter the number of pages and the urgency level. This aims to avoid any kind of adverse situation regarding your order in future. The writing services we provide you are intended to help you in your work as a suitable example. If you are writing the assignment on your own with the help of our papers, do take care to mention us in your bibliography accordingly.  

We, at ThesisLand.com are concerned about your privacy and take utmost care to store your confidential information. We utilize your credit card details only for the transaction purpose and do not store it in our database. For your protection, we will impose ourselves as an educational resource providing you with learning material. We will consider your credit card charges as “Studentre5” or “Student Resources”.

However we own the rights to contact you on the provided number for verification against any fraud identity. If you are found wary of performing illegal transactions, it will be immediately reported to FBI.

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