Five Paragraph Essay

Writing a Five Paragraph Essay

Five paragraph essay is considered to be one of the finest tools to assess the writing capabilities of a student. A five paragraph essay written in simple language enables you to come up with original ideas and further develops your analytical and logical thinking capabilities. It also leaves a deep impact on the reader’s senses.

While writing a five paragraph essay, be pure and authentic in your words and sentences. Try to gather your research material from credible resources. Make an in-depth study of all the collected research work to help you build a strong opinion on the concerned topic. Your five paragraph essay should instantly motivate the reader to read out the entire paper with utmost zeal and zest.

A five paragraph essay written in accordance with the specified structure prepares you for writing accomplished thesis and dissertations at higher levels. It is broadly categorized into three parts-Introduction, Body and Conclusion. All three parts together enable the student to develop a solid analytical thought process. This brainstorming helps the student in the long run and paves the way for the stepping stone towards his successful academic career.

Introduction, the first paragraph of the five-paragraph essay introduces the topic. You should propose your theme statement or the central idea of the five-paragraph essay in this section. You need to be very precise and accurate in introducing your topic. The introduction indicates the purpose of writing and briefly describes the main points you are about to explain in the body of your five paragraph essay. To be precise, the introduction part should set the mood of the reader and inspire him to go through the entire topic further. Try to introduce your essay in an active voice.

Body of the five-paragraph essay consists of the second, third and fourth supporting paragraphs. This section explains your topic in detail. The content included in the body needs to be very original and well supported by the facts and experimental observations. Since you cover all the important aspects of your topic in a body, it is desirable to highlight each part in the right sense. You can introduce one or more ideas per paragraph, though it is better to include only one idea per paragraph. Write all the paragraphs in such a manner so as to qualify the foremost central idea of your topic. It is better to write the concluding part of each paragraph in a manner that relates it to the next paragraph of the body section

The conclusion section of your five paragraph essay summarizes the entire topic and hence should be written delicately so as to justify the entire five paragraph essay. Being the summary of the entire five paragraph essay, concluding paragraph needs to be written with great care. Along with a short description of the introductory idea, it should also focus on all the other thoughts put forth in the body section. Don’t forget to pinpoint your own conclusive thoughts on the entire topic of the five-paragraph essay.

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