Writing a Thesis / Dissertation

Writing a Thesis/Dissertation

Writing a thesis seems to be a tedious task which comes in your way while reaching the heights of your academic career. Writing a thesis might be a hectic task to accomplish but it could be a portion of pleasure in your life’s journey. Writing a thesis with high quality content, analysis and research work is not a piece of cake even for the best of students. While writing a thesis you will have to undergo lots of research work but time could be a constraint since completing your thesis would require lots of time and thereby can result in stress. To come over such problems with the confidence you can rely on ThesisLand.com which can take you through and share your burden. We will do all the research work for you, even guide you to decide your thesis topic and generation of Thesis proposal. Our highly professional team will generate 100% original thesis for you with depth research analysis giving you best in the given time frame. We at ThesisLand.com:

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While writing a thesis, we move ahead step by step in the following writing sequence:

  • Title of thesis – Choosing the title of the thesis is one of the first steps in writing a thesis. The title should not be too restricted and should be broad enough so that it embraces the systematic concept of the thesis.
  • The abstraction of thesis – The abstract is a summary of the thesis which indicates the parameters of the study, its depth and breadth. The abstract should be concise yet should cover all the salient features of the research.
  • Introduction of the topic – This is a brief introduction of the thesis topic. Purpose of the introduction is to provide a rationale for your research project.
  • Thesis literature review – The literature review mainly focuses on the literature related to the thesis topic. The literature review should be selective. It should act as a funnel, starting wide with an overview and narrowing down to the research related to a specific topic.
  • Methodology (research and result) – The methodology includes the methods used for data collection and analysis as well as the theoretical framework of the
  • Discussion part – The discussion part must combine the research question and the research results. The amount of discussion required in a thesis varies according to the disciplines but all disciplines do require some interpretation of the findings of the research.
  • Conclusion part – The conclusions part of the conclusion chapter of your thesis enumerates the various conclusion drawn in the previous chapters of the thesis and presents the broad and general conclusions of the entire investigation.
  • Bibliography – This section contains a reading list, online resources and references for the site.

We hope the above points give you an overall idea about the structure of the thesis. At ThesisLand.com, we make sure that until and unless you are completely satisfied with the thesis report, we will be there for you making changes as per your requirement, guiding you step by step and helping you out 24/7.

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